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Recording studio referral services provided free of charge.

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Studio Referral Service will find and recommend the perfect studio to meet your specific needs. S.R.S. is a link between artists, producers, engineers, record labels, film companies, ad agencies, anyone who uses a recording studio and the studios themselves.

Just call us when you have a project to do. We will analyze your individual situation in detail, make all the phone calls, and suggest the studio or studios that will best suite your needs. We represent over 700 facilities throughout the world with a complete range of formats, rates, and capabilities.

You will be surprised at the amount of time and money one call to Studio Referral Service will save you. You don't have to spend money on a studio list or a recording studio directory and you don't have to spend countless hours calling studio after studio trying to find one that fits your needs, desires and budget. We do all of that for you at no charge, you don't pay anything for the service. So who pays? The studios are happy to pay a small fee to S.R.S. for bringing in new business. You never pay more than the established studio rates (In most cases you will pay considerably less.) Studios check in daily to let us know of time openings that could be filled. This constant communication enables us to obtain the lowest available rates!

  • Professional Music Studios
  • Demo Studios
  • Commercial Facilities
  • Video
  • Film Scores
  • Transfers
  • Remote Recording
  • CD Mastering
  • Pre-production
  • Mix Rooms
  • Drum Tracking Studios
  • Post Production Facilities
  • Rehearsal Studios
  • Sound Stage
  • United States Recording Studios
  • International Recording Studios
  • We handle it all !

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